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Wellbeing For All

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Wellbeing For All is a Macmillan Cancer Support funded project which aims to tackle health inequalities in lower socio-economic and BME communities that are particularly pertinent to the development of certain cancers.

The project aims to raise awareness around cancer signs and symptoms alongside promoting general health messaging within community settings.

We work with several community organisations to provide physical activity classes and host educational workshop on different risk factor, signs and symptoms.

Through using an innovative network including doctors’ surgeries, places of worship and local businesses we aim to reach people who may not be aware of the health inequalities they could face.

Partnership work with key stakeholders in these communities has allowed us to diversify our reach and set up unique events. These have included a Pop-Up Barber Shop aimed at increasing knowledge around prostate cancer, working with taxi firms to provide body MOTs for their drivers and launching exercise classes within community centres.

If you’re an individual or a community based organisation who would like to gain support from the project please use the form below to contact us.

For more information please fill in the form below or contact Jack Bell, Macmillan Wellbeing For All Project Lead, on 01332 416140 or

“It's a real positive to see this kind of work being done within the more challenging areas of the city, in particular those like Normanton where cancer rates are high amongst many residents.”

Mike Parker, Derby City Council

Wellbeing For All Wellbeing For All


The Wellbeing For All project looks to work with existing businesses and organisations to promote health and wellbeing.

Partners involved include:

  • Local community centres
  • Local barber shops
  • Albatross Cars (taxi firm)

If your business or organisation could support our messaging please get in touch.

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For more information please fill in this form or contact Adam Williams, Community Development Officer, on 01332 416140 or

Wellbeing FOr All Wellbeing FOr All Wellbeing FOr All Wellbeing FOr All