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Sensory Room

Child using sensory room
Inclusive Inclusive

Everyone's Game

Our Sensory Room at Pride Park Stadium is designed to ensure that everybody, regardless of their circumstances or disabilities, gets to experience watching the mighty Rams.

The Sensory Room is for children and young adults who have additional needs, aimed at helping those with autism. It provides a safe and relaxing space to enjoy a Derby County game from inside or outside a hospitality box, designed to ensure the game can be enjoyed by all.

Families can come and enjoy the game with the support of Derby County Community Trust trained staff. Children with limited communication can enjoy relaxing music and can play with tangible and sensory stimulating objects.

It provides the chance for those who may want to stay inside for the duration of a game, allowing them to watch through the window and still get the experience of being at the ground on a matchday. It’s not just about the person with a disability, it’s about providing opportunities for families who aren’t able to facilitate this experience on their own.

The Sensory Room aims to eliminate any segregation from who can, and who can’t, enjoy a game of football at Pride Park Stadium by removing the barriers that some of our participants face by providing an environment designed for their needs.

Register Your Interest

We are currently not accepting registrations of interest as we have a considerable waiting list. Please check back regularly for further updates.

"His enthusiasm to watch a Derby game has been mounting for a few months but we had no idea how he'd manage with a game or even if he'd make half time. He surpassed all our expectations and sat through the whole match. He loved relaxing in the sensory room before and during half time and he happily went back out to watch the second half afterwards."

Toni, Parent