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Winning Minds (Schools)

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Our popular Winning Minds project takes a holistic approach to address emotional health and wellbeing around key milestones within Year 6 and Year 2 around SATs and school moves.

Winning Minds supports pupils with high-pressure moments and looks to address issues directly and sensitively. The delivery programme itself focuses solely on the individual development of the young person, providing key skill development and education around positive lifestyle choices to improve mental wellbeing and resilience whilst also having a longer-term influence on a young person’s outlook toward their own mental wellbeing.

Pupils receive dedicated resources to support their ongoing mental health beyond the programme and those in need of further targeted intervention may also continue to be supported by our overarching Winning Minds project.

There are three Key Strands that the programme consists of:

1. Resilient Mind

2. Healthy Mind

3. Active Mind

The KS2 programme is split into two six week, one hour classroom based interventions per class:

  • SATs Survival Guide (delivered Spring 2)
  • Year 6-Year 7 Passport (delivered Summer 2)

The KS1 programme lasts 12 weeks and can also be split across two six week blocks throughout the academic year.

For more information please fill in the form below or contact Jake O'Keefe, Wellbeing Officer, on 01332 416140 or jacob.o'

“I have been delighted with the programme, the children are all engaged and included. The resources are really clear and the coach has a fantastic ability to break communication down so everyone understands what is expected. There is also a choice to draw or write on most tasks which is helpful for those students who struggle to explain in words how they feel.”


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For more information please fill in this form or contact Jake O'Keefe, Wellbeing Officer, on 01332 416140 or jacob.o'

Winning Minds Winning Minds Winning Minds Winning Minds