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Alison Anderson: International Women’s Day

Women in forest

Alison joined the Active Recovery programme in Summer 2020 before starting treatment for bile duct cancer. Despite knowing that the treatment would take its toll in many ways Alison has always had a positive attitude and is such a lovely person to have on our online sessions with us.

In November, just before starting treatment, Alison took on the ‘Movember’ Challenge to walk 60K. This was a huge success and she completed the challenge. Ever since starting treatment Alison regularly engages with our classes where she can and when we chat to her is so friendly, upbeat and positive. She even took part in our virtual bake off where she made a gorgeous coconut cake!

We feel that Alison is an incredible strong lady who really deserves to be celebrated on International Women’s Day!

Alison says:

"I am so thankful to the group as it is keeping me motivated and moving in turn that helps me feel better mentally - especially as the group are so friendly and supportive and understand what it is like to go through cancer treatment. Thank you to the whole team."

Active Recovery supports those who have undergone cancer treatment to regain confidence, fitness and strength which can all be affected by chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. Click below to learn more.

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