David Martin, 74, was one of the first clients to sign up to our Active Recovery programme when it launched in late 2017. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in August 2016, and following surgery and hormone therapy he felt fatigued and limited in his ability to remain as active as he was pre-treatment.

Active Recovery is a cancer exercise and rehabilitation programme which works with anyone who has been recovering from or living with cancer within the last five years.

The programme came at an ideal time for David as his fitness had really suffered as a result of his treatment, and he found it difficult to complete a chair exercise session. After being on the programme for just nine months, David was completing four sessions a week. Two of these are fitness sessions, and after being introduced to Walking Football at the Derby County Community Trust, he started playing regularly.

Top 3 achievements:

1 – To go from a fitness level when she started, struggle to do 1 hour of chair exercise to completing 4 sessions a week

2 – Barriers of treatment and living with and beyond cancer being no limitations

3 – Transformation of physical and social life

David demonstrates what we try and achieve in every participant in all our health programmes, he joined us needing help, we worked with him and he engages in whatever he can, he plays regular Walking Football, and competitive matches as well as regular exercise.

What makes Dave stand out is his commitment to our programme, he is wasting no time in making the most of the opportunity and enjoys everything he does. This dramatic transformation, and at the age of 72, is something to be proud of.

To find out more about our Active Recovery programme, click here.

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