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Change Z Podcast

Difference Difference


Spearheaded by our Local Action Group, which is made up of participants from our NCS project, our Change Z podcast discusses a huge range of issues from the point of view of our young people. From lockdown to exams, furlough to finances, they explore many topics and we invite you to have a listen!

Episode 6: Racism Part 2 - BLM One Year On

In this episode of Change Z, Taranpreet, Mekhi and Alex look at the Black Lives Matter movement and racism towards black people one year on from a discussion they had last year. They also look at colourism, cultural appropriation and how to go about becoming an ally to the cause.

Episode 5: Racism Part 1 - Stop Asian Hate

Our podcast team are talking about racism in this month's episode. 

Episode 4: Feminism Means Equality

Earlyn, Mekhi and Taranpreet discuss the difficulties and harassment that women face from day to day as well as feminism and sexism in the wider world.

For further support:

Episode 3: Let's Talk LGBTQ+

Liv, Gracie, Alex, Mehki and Meg look at LGBTQ+ community throughout time, across the world, and the British education system surrounding LGBTQ+ education as well as personal stories sent in by listeners.

Episode 2: Learning in Lockdown

Mekhi, Gracie, Alex, Maddie and Abbie discuss what school is like in lockdown as well as the upcoming exam season, the government consultation and trying to judge university and post-18 options from home.


Episode 1: A COVID Christmas

In the first episode of Change Z Taranpreet, Amrit and Alex discuss the Christmas Lockdown and the three-per-household rule.