Wayne served his first custodial sentence aged 16, for trying to import drugs from Jamaica.  

His previous drug use included heroin, cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy.

Being engaged in this chaotic lifestyle led to a long history of being arrested and created an unhealthy relationship with his partner which resulted in them separating. Wayne was prescribed anti-depressants whilst his life spiralled out of control as his addiction took hold of him.  He found himself homeless, living in different hostels, with no family or support.

After separating with his partner, Wayne wanted to give up the drugs and the lifestyle he found himself in and prayed for the first time for help. He soon entered rehab where he began building his new life.

After leaving rehab Wayne was homeless and was staying at the Padley Hostel, but due to the difficult surroundings he found himself slipping back to his old ways. He referred himself to Aquarius, a substance misuse support charity, and spoke to his advisor who recommended that he should occupy his time with something positive, which led to his referral to Active Choices.

Wayne says that the programme inspired him to look after his health and fitness, taught him self-discipline and has endorsed his positive lifestyle change.

Since being on the programme he has completed Sports Leader Level 1 & 2 qualifications, met people with similar stories and backgrounds and has built a recovery network where people help each other, which makes it enjoyable and ensures high attendance.

In the future Wayne would like to support people and help others who have gone through challenging times and make them understand that they are not on their own. He wants to send a clear message that any addict can break their habits, realise their potential, and that help is out there.

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