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Trust Team Challenge

Up for the challenge?

The Trust Team Challenge will be based at Mount Cook Adventure Centre on 28th April from 9.00am-3.00pm and will test your team’s capabilities across The Power of Three Challenge and will focus on three areas – Activity, Adventure and Acumen!

Teams can be between three and six members and during the time available, you must undertake each of the stages and aim to complete three challenges within each. All of the stages will test your ability to think laterally, to cope physically and to rationalize your fears. However, each stage will focus in on one of these skills more than the others.

  • Our Activity phase will require you to complete more physical challenges, such as running, cycling or navigating.
  • Our Adventure phase will require that you step out of your comfort zone to complete tasks such as rock climbing or tackling our high ropes.
  • Our Acumen phase will test your brain power through logic or strategy whether it’s building a structure, solving challenges or completing our fire lighting task.

You will manage your time throughout the day, you choose your breaks and how long you pursue each challenge . The day will help you as a team understand the following, which all share an outcome with DCCT's work:

1.            Improving Motivation. What are the ignition points for you that provide that feeling of satisfaction/achievement that motivate you to want to make changes that you can apply to your health and wellbeing? Improving Health and Wellbeing)

2.            Improving Confidence. What are the barriers that hold you back from being more active? Understand and accept your fears and you can address them. (Developing Active Communities)

3.            Raise Aspiration. Set challenging goals to push yourself, don’t accept the lowest pass mark, strive for excellence and the next target. This will open up new opportunities and raise attainment. (Optimising Life Chances)

4.            Empathy. Understand your team, your group, your community so you can better engage with them. See things through their lens. How else can you engage with your community and be proud of it? (Building Community Pride)

For more information, please contact [email protected].

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