I first attended Team Talk after being informed of the group by a good friend. I have a history of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. I always found being in a group situation and opening up had been very difficult and was often detriment to my continued recovery and health. I was keen to get back on track and manage my mental health issues but was unsure where to go or where to look for different support which is offered through the NHS.

Whilst being a part of Team Talk, I lost a good friend and I was able to talk to the group and help me with my down days and use their positive thoughts to help me.

After joining the group, I understand my mental health and how to deal with it a lot better – this has helped me talk more openly about my own mental health. I have also been able to help others not just in the group but also outside.

I attend weekly sessions and feel my personality is returning and I have the courage to be open and upfront about my thoughts and feelings. The safe and open space they have provided has given me the confidence to address some of my issues head on. Knowing I have a team to turn to for help and advice, as well as having that crutch of a group for when I need is a great feeling. We’ve also had the chance to meet players and gain new experiences that I never would have had before.

Although life is tough now with the lockdown, the online groups have been a great resource to me keeping my life on track. I have taken part in the Virtual groups and been active in the WhatsApp group and during this lockdown period I have been able to get out for walks and enjoy being physically active.

Recently I was stuck in Australia whist travelling and I used the network of Team Talk to help me enjoy the experience and also even though there was a fair bit of time difference I still logged into the virtual chats when I could.

Team Talk and the people I have met has been an absolute game changer to my lifestyle and self-esteem. Team Talk is a band of brothers who look out for each other both face to face and via a social online group. Finding the group has been completely fantastic to me.

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