Who we are?

Derby Pride Academy is proud to be one of the first Alternative Provision Free Schools opened in the country. A Derby Pride Trust development, Derby Pride Academy is being led by Derby Moor Community Sports College in partnership with Derby County Community Trust, to provide Level 2 outcomes and redirection work for high-need students. We seek to make a model of Alternative Provision which recognises that students are individuals with differing strengths and weaknesses.


Who can benefit?

At DPA we believe that provision based on teaching the most vulnerable and challenging young people how to succeed in the core subjects, how to succeed in managing their behaviour and how to succeed in developing employability skills is desperately needed. We are able to offer 50 full-time equivalent places to meet the needs of these young people.

The provision may be accessed through full or part-time placements depending on the individual needs of each person. In particular we want to offer places to students:

  • who have had one or more fixed-term exclusions and are considered to be at risk of permanent exclusion from school
  • who have not been attending school regularly, and are therefore currently unlikely to attain GCSEs (or similar)
  • who are on the ‘Off Roll’ register awaiting a school place
  • who would benefit from a redirection programme away from mainstream school, whilst still accessing a range of national curriculum subjects at both Level 1 & 2 in both Key Stages 3 & 4.

For more information on DPA visit our website or to download our latest prospectus click here.

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