Active Schools is a pioneering programme that tackles lifelong inactivity by inspiring the whole school community to be more physically active.

By empowering teachers and inspiring children, the programme addresses the growing issue of today’s children who are expected to die five years before their parents.

Hundreds of studies have shown that active schools and children do better in every possible way including better behaviour, higher levels of attendance and achievement, improved concentration and better life chances for a well-rounded future.


  • Identifies pupils’ needs through assessment of their physical development, physical activity levels/fitness, emotional health and wellbeing and weight.
  • Whole School Approach support package: adoption of healthy lifestyles, easy and fun ways to increase physical activity throughout the curriculum, training for all staff to develop skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver physical activity.
  • Identifies pupils that could benefit from extra physical activity and healthy lifestyle support through Livewell’s Active Child 12-month programme or through the Master Cadet healthy living club.
  • Support schools with providing evidence for the new voluntary healthy rating scheme (coming in September 2017) recently outlined in the Childhood Obesity – A Plan for Action HM Government. The scheme will recognise and encourage the contribution a school makes to preventing obesity by helping children to eat better and move more. This scheme will be taken into account during Ofsted inspections.

For more information please email [email protected] – Active Learning Officer at Derby County Community Trust.

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