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Simon's 6,000 Step Pledge

Walk and Talk

Simon attends our Team Talk project, where he's found a safe space to talk and make friends.

After having several brain tumours over the last few years, which have caused life changing physical issues and mean Simon has to take daily tablets and injections to remain well, his physical health suffered. 

He also began to suffer from anxiety and depression and tries to maintain mental positivity by getting out as much as possible and enjoying life with his girls.

Simon said, "Many days I'm off my feet and not able to get out. I'd like to raise some money to help an organisation close to my heart. Derby County Community Trust's Team Talk is a men's mental health group which encourages men to discuss their issues and fight the stigma of men's mental health. 

"It's a safe space to talk, relax and talk in a non-judgmental environment. I found it a way of communicating and making friends in a relaxed and caring atmosphere."

There are almost 6,000 male suicides in England and Wales annually, and Simon's family have witnessed the pain of this first hand. 

Simon is pledging to walk 6,000 steps with his dog Gus each day throughout April. Many days he's housebound and recovering from gall bladder surgery so it's a huge challenge tot ake on behalf of the Team Talk project.

If you can support Simon's efforts, please find his JustGiving page below.

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