Live it Programme Helps Children Grow Up Healthier, Happier and More Active

Derby County mascot Rammie made a surprise visit to the Derby County Community Trust’s Live It programme at Willows Sports Centre recently.

Live It, which is ran by the Community Trust in partnership with the Derby City Councils Livewell Service, looks to help children grow up to be healthy and active through multi-sport sessions and nutritional workshops, educating both the young participants and their families on sugar content in their favourite soft drinks and how to eat a balanced diet.

Children at the Willows Sports Centre hub had been writing up healthy meal plans over the previous weeks, all of which were judged by Rammie as he got involved and handed out awards to those deemed the healthiest.

The programme is completely free of charge to 5-11 year olds and having grown considerably over the past year it is beginning to make a real difference in the lives of young people across Derby. Close to 150 children have accessed the sessions of which 70% have reduced their sedentary behaviour, 60% have improved nutrition by eating their five a day and 70% have reported that their emotional health has improved as part of the programme.

As well as being beneficial to their health, the sessions have also proved to be fun and enjoyable to those taking part, one child said:

“I like how there are loads of other kids involved that like getting involved in all the sports. I’ve made loads of new friends plus I like all the coaches that come along to the sessions.”

Another added:

I really enjoy the sessions. I feel fitter and when I play with my friends I can run after them much faster!”

The sessions aren’t just aimed at the young participants; the whole family can benefit from the nutrition and healthy eating advice, one parent said:

“The whole family has definitely benefitted as part of the programme. We now do the weekly shop together and follow the nutritional advice from the sessions. Unhealthy snacks are now off the menu!, I have joined the Active Ewe programme where I can exercise for free too. The whole family are healthier and happier!’

When asked on what they would say to people just starting the programme, one parent said:

“Go along with it, I have seen people who put things on Facebook when they get a letter saying that their child is overweight. You just need to understand that this programme Is here to help and not to criticise anyone.

“It’s a free programme which stops them from just coming home and putting the telly on, so you should at least come along and have a go at it, if you’re child doesn’t enjoy it then you haven’t lost anything. They’re only going to benefit from it.”

The Live It programme runs on a weekly basis:

Mondays 4.30pm – 5.45pm at Willows Sports Centre
Tuesdays 4.45pm – 6pm at Merrill Academy
Wednesdays 5pm – 6pm Boxfit session at the Johnson Building for the whole family
Thursdays 4.30pm-5.45 at Taddington Church Hall

To take part, children must be aged 5-11 and have a BMI Centile of 85 or above

To find out more or if you are interested in getting involved please visit or contact [email protected] 07812 301995

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