The challenge

The challenges facing Derby’s Business Community in the shadow of Covid-19 are immense. As business leaders struggle with how to best realign their strategies and effectively bring back employees, their staff may be battling their own mental and physical health issues.

Derby has been hit especially hard with the announcement of large-scale impact on jobs in our leading sectors. As a city, it is important we group together and do something to show our staff we care and value their contributions.

Health is the New Wealth…

More than ever, the pandemic has led companies to consider methods of increasing productivity and its relationship to the health and wellbeing of their staff. If we are to “Build Back Better,” as our government hopes, progressive companies must evaluate the benefits associated with Healthier Staff, a Healthier Business.

Employees who eat more healthily are 25 percent more likely to have higher job performance, found one survey. The same survey also found that employees who exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times a week, are 15 percent more likely to have higher job performance. 

In response to a survey in Personnel Today, insurer Canada Life, estimated up to 35% of people have continued to work, despite feeling unwell during lockdown.

In addition, three-quarters of employers have seen demand surging for mental health support during pandemic. Furthermore, one in four employees have turned to alcohol to cope with work pressure, especially when working from home.

Lockdown meant that staff were working longer hours: 18% said their working hours had increased, 15% were taking fewer breaks and 10% were not taking breaks at all.

Decision-makers were feeling obliged to appear present to staff (41%) and 21% said presenteeism had increased since lockdown began.

However, 41% of organisations had introduced measures to support workers struggling with presenteeism and 25% were actively encouraging staff not to work while unwell.

Wellness Workplace Network

In response to some of the worrying statistics, Derby business Orangetheory Fitness and charity Derby County Community Trust have teamed up with some other leading Derby businesses to generate more important discussion on the topic in the hope of educating, sharing and supporting businesses in best practices for establishing the benefits associated with a wellness workplace. A Commitment to Supporting and Promoting Health in the Workplace would be a huge step forward.

Benefits of a Wellness Workplace are compelling…

As many businesses are having to defend against short-term demands, this is a way to invest in a brighter, longer-term future.

By encouraging a healthier workplace, businesses can reduce staff turnover & absenteeism, improve productivity & recruitment whilst enhancing their status is the eyes of their potential customers and the broader arena of Corporate Social Responsibility. In short, it can be a Competitive Edge!

Many employers wish to do “the right thing” for their staff but are unaware or how to do this or are just too busy dealing with what the current environment is throwing at them. This initiative is focused on helping these businesses implement a wellness workplace and enjoy some of its benefits.

How to get your business involved…

On Tuesday 4th August 2020, 1pm-3pm, there will be a facilitated discussion online, lead by DCCT and Orangetheory Fitness  which businesses are encouraged to take part in. On the call the issue of employee wellness will be discussed with the opportunity for questions, sharing of good practice and to look at the ways that as a city, Derby can lead the way in creating a wellness culture and learn from lockdown to prevent us going back to the “always on” culture that was evident before the pandemic.

It would be great if Derby businesses can join us for the event. If you wish to be part of this please email [email protected] for log in details.


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