Jonathan Harper, 36, joined MANvFAT last July after making a pledge to lose some weight. It’s a football league for guys who want to do just that. Every player is in the same situation and wants the same thing – to enjoy football, lose weight and get healthier. The league is decided not just on points won, but pounds lost.

“I saw a link on Facebook and thought iant was a good idea. I was constantly eating large amounts of junk food, too many soft drinks and feeling sluggish because of doing no exercise and having no interest in losing any weight.

“I joined MANvFAT after the birth of my second child as I didn’t want to be that fat bloke picking his kids up from school or be too fat to play with them.

“I eat a lot healthier now, controlled portion sizes, I’ve cut out fizzy drinks and I make sure I drink at least two litres of water a day. I try to make sure I walk at least 10,000 steps a day and play football once or twice a week as my regular exercise. When I started the programme, I weighed 125.5kg. I currently weigh 101kg so I’ve lost 24.5kg/3.8 stone which I’m very happy with.

“Being part of a team helps so much as we all help motivate each other every week to drive towards our own individual goals. Life at the minute is brilliant. I’m lighter than I have been in about 20 years, I’m sleeping better and generally just enjoying life so much. It really is the best way I’ve found to shed those pounds. This is my greatest achievement after having my kids.”

Jack Bell, Health Advisor at DCCT, said:

“Jonathan’s commitment to losing weight through MANvFAT has been commendable, he’s made progress week on week and inspires the others on the team to do the same.

“Not only has he significantly increased his exercise levels but the changes he has made to his diet are hugely important and the effect of changing both of these factors is evident in Jonathan’s impressive weight loss.”

For more information on any of our men’s health initiatives, please contact [email protected].


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