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Couch to 10K

Race Ready Race Ready

Get ready for Derby 10K 2022!

We're delighted to be supporting you in getting 10K ready, by bringing back the Couch to 10K training plan! 

This part of the plan, which is aimed at those that are taking up running for the first time or coming back to it after a long lay-off, will take participants from ‘couch’ to 5K of continuous running in nine weeks.

Download our Couch to 10K guide for lots of handy training tips and plans to get you from the couch to the start line in 2022!

Couch to 10K - Part One 

The second part of the plan will be published in January, and will help you build from 5K to be ready to achieve your goals on race day on 10th April. If you’re comfortably covering 5K already we recommend picking up the plan at this point.

We’ve designed the plan to be as flexible as possible so that anyone can follow it. However, everyone is different and won’t respond to training in exactly the same way.

So it’s important that you adapt things to suit your own level of fitness and other aspects of your life, such as work and family commitments. Listen to your body and do not over-stretch yourself, particularly in the early stages.

Enter the 10K

Let us know if you're following our Couch to 10K plan to be the first to find out about our meet up runs and get extra support! 

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