A huge congratulations to one of our Summer 2019 Graduate, Connie Spencer, who has just been elected Derby City’s Youth Mayor!

After completing the programme last summer Connie was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin lymphoma and has started an intense six month chemotherapy programme. She continued to campaign from her hospital bed to promote youth voice in the city after being on the council for four years.

She was recently elected last month by the City and will be taking over the role from fellow NCS grad and friend Abdul Moiz Siddiqi, who is a part of our NCS local action group.

Connie has already raised over £2000 for the Little Princess Trust after they donated her a wig once she found out she would be losing her hair. Connie is continuing fundraising for both the Little Princess Trust and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Here is Connie’s NCS Story:

‘My time on NCS was amazing, and one I will never forget. I went with my best friend and we were quite worried as we wouldn’t know anyone else. However, within the first day we had created a bunch of friends through playing sports games out on the field during our free time. In our dorm we instantly clicked with all the girls, they were in the same situation as us.

The week away was awesome, it was the time we made all our friends, had loads and loads of fun and tried new things (conquered our fears). The nights at the beach were ones to remember, everyone at peace just having fun. GOOD VIBES!

Then next week at Nunnery Court was wicked. The independence and freedom were so good. Activities throughout the day taught us valuable life skills but were also fun too. The week was amazing because bonds between us all had really formed. My favourite memory from this week was the disco where everyone just went wild.

The social action project weeks, now these weeks were so stressful. But it was so worth every ounce of stress I had. My team chose to make 14 boxes for the 14 bedrooms at the Padley Centre (a homeless shelter). In these boxes there was everything you would need for a basic bedroom. To create these boxes, we raised just over £600, we did this via hosting charity events (i.e. open mic night).

My favourite memory of this week was when we took the finished boxes to the centre and saw the reaction from the people that were there. To know I had worked so hard for these two weeks and it had really helped other people and I had made change was really warming.

The graduation party, what a great night! It was a night to celebrate everyone’s achievements and the journey we had all been on for the past month. I have made friends for life on NCS, friends I now talk to everyday. I made friends on NCS that are now helping me get through my battle. The leaders I’ll never forget. Basically, everyone that was on my NCS journey is now like family. It is a great experience and one I would love to do again.’

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