Derby County’s match against Blackburn Rovers on 24th September will be billed as community day!

The event will be a celebration of Derby County’s official charity, Derby County Community Trust, and the aim of the day’s activities is to both raise awareness and raise funds to support the trust’s work across Derbyshire.


To build up to the day we will be sharing the impact of the different initiatives of the Derby County Community Trust on our website each day. Today, we look at the trust health programme’s.

Derby County Community Trust’s health programmes are delivered in partnership with Derby City Council’s Public Health Department. They aim to deliver targeted health intervention programmes looking at reducing health inequalities and promoting healthy lifestyles to people living in Derby city.

Over 2015/16 they have delivered:


Active Schools
The Active Schools programme aims to tackle inactivity across a life course, with an emphasis in working within primary school settings. The programme works with teachers and non-teaching staff to develop skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver an exciting and interactive whole school approach to physical activity.

It is a 12 month pilot programme offered to targeted primary schools in the city to address inactivity and childhood obesity. The aim of the programme is to inspire children and young people to do 60 minutes or more daily physical activity and create a culture of physical activity both within schools and communities.

During 2015/16 we have begun to work with six schools across the city having agreed to take on the Active School Programme and over 2000 children have been surveyed to collect the following data:


Healthy Lifestyles (child weight management)
The Healthy Lifestyle (child weight management) programme is a 12-month funded programme that supports children aged 5 to 17 and their families to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The family-centred, evidence-based service focusses on healthy eating, physical activity and emotional health. The service also supports young smokers to quit.

The programme offers one-to-one and group support to enable behaviour change within the family and provides both a school based programme, which is linked to Active Schools, and a community based programme that focuses on increasing children and young people’s self-esteem and improve their exercise, eating habits and general well-being.

2015/16 has seen us work with 170 children across the schools of which 72% have maintained their weight and increased their physical activity and 64% have increased their fruit and veg consumption.


The Movement
The Movement aims to increase participation amongst 11 to 17-year-old girls and improve their emotional health and well-being. In addition, the programme aims to empower young people to make positive decisions about their health and increase aspirations to those who would not normally engage in any form of physical activity. It is anticipated it will bring about sustainable change that will build a positive future for girl’s participation. The Movement also offers a confidential smoking cessation service to all young people living in Derby city.

In 2015/16 we have seen the movement move to having 2,900 young people signed up to and taking part in the sessions.


Active Choices
Active Choices provides support to individuals who use Class A drugs and those misusing alcohol.  The aim of the programme is to support the recovery and community reintegration of service users who are committed to working towards recovery. It also offers a tailored intensive support programme for drug and alcohol using individuals who have been deferred from prison sentences undertaking a Drug Rehabilitation Requirement or Alcohol Rehabilitation Requirement.

In 2015/16 we have seen over 70 people use the programme, of these 100% have actively participated with 98% engaging with the programme for 12 weeks or more. We have also seen Derby move from lower quartile in the country to upper quartile for people not returning to drug treatment services.


Active Supporters:
Active Supporters is a 12 month programme which aims to increase the physical activity level of males aged 18+ and reduce sedentary behaviour. In addition it delivers a 12 month weight management programme and a smoking cessation service in partnership with Derby City Council’s Livewell service. As part of the Active Supporters programme we aim to raise awareness of prevalent health issues/concerns specific to men, linking into national campaigns. Finally the programme has recently received Comic Relief funding which is aimed at increasing the physical activity levels of homeless and those at risk of homelessness and provide them with training and education opportunities to enable them to become job ready.

In 2015/16 we currently find ourselves with 884 people taking part in the programme. 64% of participants have increased their physical activity levels. 21 targeted individuals achieved Level 1 Sports Leaders qualification, of which 15 are now volunteering for the Derby County Community Trust.


Forever Active
Forever Active is a 6 month researched based programme aimed at people who are 65+ and who are at risk of falls. The programme offers a range of physical activity sessions to improve the fitness, stability and muscle strength of older people with an intention to reduce the risk of falls. In addition the programme aims to reduce isolation of older people by delivering as part of the programme an informal social group where older people can meet new people and experience new opportunities.

The programme launched successfully in June 2016 and has 21 participants regularly attending sessions.

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