Mohammed Diakhate is an 11-year-old Merrill Academy student who has been attending Kicks sessions at Arboretum Park and Shaftesbury Park for around a year and has made a huge impression on all the coaches who met him during this time. Both his ability and his manners during sessions have made him stand out, and his commitment to the sessions is evident in his 89% attendance. He is pleasure to coach and play with and we have no doubts that he will grow into a great team player.

His kind and willing attitude benefits others in the sessions and given the disadvantaged area he has grown up within this is a real credit to his character. He has balanced playing football with his religious commitments and only missed sessions very occasionally.

Mohammed recently had the chance to showcase his football skills in a fixture for the Derby Kicks team when they took on Leicester. He proved himself to be one of the stand out players despite being one of the youngest on the pitch and lacking any football team experience outside of Kicks.

His skill and determination have not gone unnoticed, and he is a real credit to the Kicks programme. He has even surprised himself, commenting that he is much better at football now he gets the chance to practice every week. Coaches have said that with the same level of practice that Mohammed is applying now, he will become a fantastic footballer and we have every hope for his bright future.


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